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The characteristic of cast acrylic sheet is superior transparency, high light transmittance, plentiful color, easy fabrication, good electricity insulation, most superior weather resistance among plastics, and having good chemical tolerance. Therefore, the acrylic sheet is widely applied at various fields in our daily life.

It is mainly categorized as follows: Advertising, Furniture & Design, Sanitary ware, Display, Partition Wall & Decoration, Architecture & Construction, Vehicle & Transportation, and Protection Shield.

  • Argiztapena
  • Vehicle & Transportation
    Vehicle & Transportation
  • Protection Shield
    Protection Shield
  • Arkitektura eta Eraikuntza
    Arkitektura eta Eraikuntza
  • Partition Wall & Decoration
    Partition Wall & Decoration
  • Display
  • Etxetresna sanitarioak
    Etxetresna sanitarioak
  • Altzariak
  • Publizitatea

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