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Jumei Acrylic is proud to showcase our expertise in crafting top-tier cast acrylic sheets! 
Founded in 2011, we've dedicated ourselves to perfecting products that serve a multitude of industries, from advertising to medical devices.
 Quality is at the heart of what we do at Jumei. We understand that superior product quality is not just about exceeding standards; it's about delivering an experience that helps our clients thrive. By committing to 100% virgin materials and pushing the envelope with R&D, we ensure our acrylic sheets set the benchmark for excellence.
 With a robust team of 30 R&D specialists, 10 state-of-the-art automatic production lines, and a sprawling 80-acre facility, our annual output is an impressive 40,000 tons of acrylic sheets that reach over 140 countries.
 Our commitment to quality is recognized through various certifications, including ISO9001, ROHS, REACH, EN263, CE, and SGS.
 Sannadkan at #APPPExpo, we're excited to present our optical grade, wavy, matt (frosted), and two-tone acrylic sheets. Jumei is not just about products; we're about innovation and service, constantly enhancing our offerings to deliver unparalleled brand value.
The buzz at our booth 6.2-A0021 is palpable! We've engaged in meaningful exchanges with long-standing partners and sparked interest among new faces, all while affirming our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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