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Ogledalo akrilni list

Mirror acrylic sheet is mirrored from extruded PMMA sheet.

With a bright reflective finish and tough protective backing, our mirror products meet or exceed the quality, durability, and performance of any acrylic mirror on the market today. Light weight, weather and chemical resistant, and easy to fabricate. There is full color range for our acrylic mirror. The mirror backing can be with dry paint and adhesive or PP paper. Customers are very satisfied with the consistent high quality.

Materijal100% virgin  material
Debljina0.8, 1, 1.5, 1.8, 2, 2.5, 2.8, 3mm (0.8-5mm)
BojaSilver, Gold, Rose Gold, Bronze, Grey,  Blue, Red etc
Standardna veličina1220*1830, 1220*2440, 1020*2020 mm
CertifikatCE, SGS, DE, and ISO 9001
MOQ20 sheets, depends on the stock
dostava10-25 dana
ZadnjicaGray paint or self adhesive
TipOne side mirror, double sides mirror, see through mirror/two-way mirror
Zaštitni filmPE film

Various colors of Mirror Sheets

Most popular colors are silver, light gold, dark gold, rose gold, red, blue etc.

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Srebrno ogledalo
Light gold mirror

Dark Gold mirror

Rose Gold mirror
Red mirror

Blue mirror

Stražnja strana:

Backside can be paint or self adhesive according to your requirement


Backside with paint

Eco-friendly and Anti-scratch

Backside with self-adhesive tape

80U, 100U, 120U, strong glue


Types including: one side mirror, two sides mirror, see through mirror/two-way mirror


Oner side mirror

Backside can be paint

and adhesive tap

Two sides mirror

Both sides are mirror finish, can be silver & silver, silver & gold etc

See through mirror/two-way mirror

This special mirror allows you to see through it while still reflecting light back

Acrylic Mirror Sheet Advantages:

Light weight: less than half as heavy as glass.

Exceptional impact resistance: 7-16 times greater impact resistance than glass.

Weather resistance: Excellent weather resistance to against discoloration and deformation

Easy to fabricate: Easy to cut, engraving, drill etc

Fizička svojstva
Physical Property of Mirror Acrylic Sheet

SvojstvoStandard za ispitivanjeJedinicaJoš malo brojeva
OPĆERelativna gustoćaISO 1183-1.2
Rockwellova tvrdoćaISO-2039 2M Scale101
Ball IndentationISO-2039 1Mpa
Upijanje vodeISO 62%0.2
FammabilityDIN 4102%B2
FammabilityUL 94%HB
FammabilityBS 476, Pt7Klasa4
MEHANIČKAVlačna čvrstoćaISO 527 (a)Mpa70
Istezanje pri lomuISO 527 (a)%4
Flexuralna snagaISO 178 (b)Mpa107
Flexural strength to 23!aDIN 53452Mpa120
Fexural modulusISO 178 (b)Mpa3030
Charpy Impact strengthISO 179 (c)Kjm-210
Coefficient of elasticityDIN 53452Mpa3000
IZOD Impact strengthISO 180/IA (d)Kjm-2-
IZOD Impact strength with incisionASTMD256AK1/m²1.3
Share D scale hardnessISO 3868
TOPLINSKAVicat Softening pointDIN 51306>103


Mirror Acrylic Sheet Application

Acrylic mirror sheet is widely used for interior Decoration

wall mirrror decoration

bathroom mirror decoration


prikaz proizvoda

Dizajn trgovine

Furniture and carbinet


Certifications that our cast Acrylic sheet obtained: ISO 9001, CE, SGS DE, CNAS certificate.


P: Jeste li proizvođač ili trgovačko poduzeće?
A: We are a professional manufacturer with 15 years experience in this field.

Q: How can i get the sample?
A: Small samples available are free, just freight collect.
Q: How long can I expect to get the sample?
A: We can prepare samples within 3 days. Usually it takes about 5-7 days for the delivery.
P: Koji je vaš MOQ?
A: MOQ is 30pieces/order. Each size, thickness, depends on the stock
Q: What colors can you make?
A: Most popular is silver, gold, rose gold etc. We have more than 20 colors of mirror sheets.
Q: Can we have our Logo or company name to be printed on your package?
A: Sure. Your Logo can be putted on the package by printing or sticker.
Q: What is your lead time for mass production?
A: Normally 10-20 days, depends on the size, quantity and season.
P: Koji je vaš način plaćanja?
A: T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, DP
Q: How do you pack it?

A: Each sheet covered by PE film, several sheets wrapped by craft paper, and then 1.5 tons packged in a pallet.

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Jumei is the world-class cast acrylic sheets manufacturer &developer, our factory is located in Yushan Industrial Zone Shangrao City, Jiangxi province. The factory covers an area of 50000 square meters, the year productivity reaches 20000 tons.

Jumei introduces the world’s leading level of casting acrylic automation production lines, and use 100% pure virgin raw material to ensure the best quality. We have decades’ history engaging in the acrylic industry, and have a professional R&D team, Our factory and our productions all conform to international standard ISO 9001, CE and SGS.

20 years cast acrylic manufacturer

12 years export experience

Advanced new factory, professional engineer team from Taiwan,we exported to more than 120 countries.

Fully-automatic production lines

Our advanced factory has six full-automatic production lines, which are able to guarantee the highest production efficiency, reliability and safety. We can currently reach 20K tons level as the maximum annual output, and in the coming future, we will constantly upgrade our capacities to meet the growing demands from our global customers.

Radionica bez prašine

To serve the goal of providing the top-quality acrylic sheet products, we have been upgrading our workshop: the dustproof workshop can guarantee the top-level quality of our products through the whole manufacturing processes.


Pakiranje i otprema

Korak 1: Covered by PE film, paste sticker with clear information, including size, color, thicknes

Korak 2: Every 5-10 sheets wrapped by craft paper, to protect the sheets wel

Korak 3: About 1.5 tons packed in a wood pallet, or wood case.


Loading with pallet
With pallet loading, one 20ft container load around 16-20 tons, depends on the sizes, 40ft container load 25-27 ton

Loose loading without pallet
Without pallet loading, save cost on the pallets, and can load more. One 20ft container load around 22-24 tons.

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