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Kleur ketting akriel vel

We offer a wide range of colored plexiglass acrylic sheets. Standard tinted colors including white, black, opal, red, green, yellow, ivory, brown, orange, blue and fluorescent acrylic sheets(pls refer to our color chains). Typically used for signs and lighting applications, these acrylic sheets can be translucent and opaque, translucent colors can transmit light when backlit. As the plexiglass increases in thickness, the amount of light passed through decreases.

Sign-color acrylic sheet is available from 1.8-30mm(1/16” -1” )thick and comes in standard sizes.

Color sheet is suitable for small quantity processing, there are unmatched flexibility in color and surface texture, and complete product specifications for a variety of special purposes

Minimum bestelling1.5 XNUMX ton
HS KODE39205100
verpakking besonderhedePE film or brown paper on both sides of the sheet; 1.5 tons in one pallet
Delivery Tyd15-30 dae
BetaalvoorwaardesTT, LC AT SIGHT, DP AT SIGHT
voorsieningsvermoë1000 ton / maand

Mededingende voordeel:

◇ Ease of Fabrication: Acrylic sheet can be painted, silk-screened, vacuum-coated, and also can be sawed, drilled, and machined to form almost any shape when heated to a pliable state.

◇ Light weight: less than half as heavy as glass.

◇ Excellent weather resistance to against discoloration and deformation.

◇ Exceptional impact resistance: 7-16 times greater impact resistance than glass.

◇ Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance: resistance to acid and alkali.


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